About us

For nine years we have been capturing cycling races in the Czech Republic and abroad. In 2014 we came up with the new format of LIVE photographical reportages which has been successful. Read something about us.

It all started in 2007. We were into cycling and we enjoyed photography. Why not to merge it? And then the idea of capturing racing events, both amateur and professional, arose.

And the first big opportunity came right after. We have completed a reportage from the race (30 – 50 images) which chronologically depicted the race. We photographed everything from start to finish. Descriptive text was added to complement the visual information for the reader to have a comprehensive image of the event.

Spring of 2014 – the birth of the first LIVE photographical reportage

But it wasn’t enough for us. We wanted to try some more. We were thinking about the ways to improve our services and we came up with a brand new format – LIVE photographical reportage.

At first, we tuned functionality, band and stability of the connection between the photographer on the motorcycle and the server. After the initial testing we went live. From the very beginning we have been using professional equipment by CANON – no images from a mobile phone, no low-quality photos.

The first race to be covered with a LIVE reportage was the Czech spring classics Brno – Velká Bíteš – Brno. Further offers came after this race and now we are doing almost exclusively LIVE reportages.

August 2014 – our first LIVE photographical broadcast from abroad

In August 2014 we were challenged by Slovak company JANOM to create bilingual (Czech/English) broadcasts from five stages of Tour de Pologne. The race belongs to the WORLD TOUR series which is the most prestigious UCI category.

Everything went smoothly and so we are still doing the job we like.

Present – numerous LIVE photographical reportages under our belts

We work in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. We are able to guarantee LIVE reportages from all over the Europe.  Find out your selves. We did LIVE reportages for Tour of Austria / ÖsterreichRundfahrt organizer, we did LIVE broadcast for an important partner of Tour of Poland / Tour de Pologne and we collaborate with cycling news server Roadcycling.cz which resulted in LIVE coverage of Italian stage race Giro del Trentino in April.

Our LIVE photographical reportage from the greatest Czech stage race – the Czech Cycling Tour – was taken over (besides Roadcycling.cz) by Poland’s greatest cycling server Naszosie.pl which supplemented the images with Polish commentary.

We will create a LIVE photographical reportage for you as well. Call us, write us, ask us. In short – contact us.

And who is behind Cycling.photography?

Josef VAISHAR is the main person. A photographer and the creator of LIVE photographical reportages. Former rider who, after retiring active career, got to know the cycling business from all sides. He was a member the execution team of Favorit Brno lead by Josef REGEC.  He was a coach, a masseur, a mechanic and a driver. After REGEC’s departure in 2010 he finished the season as a sport director of Favorit Brno U23. In 2011/2012 season he was the Czech Cup director at the Czech Cycling Federation. Now, he is back at the Favorit Brno velodrome and participates on organizing and managing cycling events on road & track. In 2014 he was a member of quite successful UCI Indoor Cycling World Championship. And when he doesn’t photograph the events, he actively joins them as a commissaire (NR-C).

The photographer would be hopeless without a source of mobility – a motorcycle. Libor MATĚJKA is the diver with invaluable experience. This former rider knows how to move safely around the peloton and as he reads the race very well, we are always at the right place on the right time. He has been accompanying cycling events on the motorcycle since 2007. In 2012 he underwent the whole Giro d'Italia, several he completed Giro del Trentino and Tour of Austria (Österreich Rundfahrt) and besides that, he has countless smaller events in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Austria under his belt. Everything without a slightest setback. Libor MATĚJKA is the founder and main creator of the greatest Czech road cycling internet media – Roadcycling.cz. He is the connection that allows users to see our reportages on the web.

At last but not least – we collaborate with many reliable external graphic designers.

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